We are a Brazilian company in the electric energy sector that promotes the integration of the best world technology in the infrastructure sector, fulfilling our ethical duty and providing the satisfaction of our customers. We supply homologated products with prompt delivery and guarantee, becoming a point of representative convergence between major world producers, service providers and electric energy utilities. The company’s head office is located in Florianopolis / SC. As for operation and logistics, the company has inventory in the cities of Navegantes / SC and Blumenau / SC, serving our customers with greater agility.

The engineers in the Chinese office are in charge of the research and development of new suppliers and products, supervision of the production process, routine testing and sample testing and for the continuous improvement and the quality of products and services provided by Siklowatt.


Our own testing laboratory next to the warehouse in Blumenau / SC, carries out product sample testing, guaranteeing customers the delivery of products with a high quality standard.