Reservoirs will close 2018 with 30% capacity


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Rio – The director general of the National System Operator (ONS), Luiz Barata, predicts that the hydroelectric reservoirs in the Southeast and Northeast will reach the end of the year much better than in 2017, reaching about 30% of the capacity in each region, compared to less than 18% in the Southeast last year and less than 15% in the Northeast.

“I’m calmer, more comfortable this year, we will arrive with much better conditions than last year,” he told reporters after an event about the electric sector at the Rio de Janeiro Commercial Association (ACRJ).

In addition to increased rainfall this year, Barata highlighted the start-up of large hydroelectric plants, such as Belo Monte and the completion of the Madeira River mills (Santo Antonio and Jirau), and the increase in the generation of renewable energy.

At the moment, as is the rainy season, the wind is weaker, reports Barata. But solar energy, for example, is generating well above expectations, the executive said.

Barata also defended the construction of more hydroelectric plants in the country, including those planned for the Tapajós River. “The Tapajós project is not only to generate electricity, the project is logistical, to bring development to the North of the country,” he told reporters after the event.

According to him, the hydroelectric plants were “demonized” after the failure of the hydroelectric plant of Balbina, in the Amazon. But after that, he argued, Brazil has had several successful examples, such as Belo Monte, Santo Antonio and Jirau.

“All countries that had hydroelectric potential exploited this potential to the limit. I would say it is a lack of frank and transparent discussion, “he concluded.



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